The Library and access areas are free, but you can check out books here to take them home as a loan you need to have a library membership. Revenue from memberships support the purchase books. We have 4 types:

Gold Level: Cost $500 pesos

Includes library borrowing privileges, check out 6 books for 15 days, privileges for one year, and one House and Garden Tour Ticket.

Silver Level: Cost $220 pesos

Includes library borrowing privileges check out 8 books for 15 days.


Bronze Level: Cost $120 pesos

Check out 4 books for 15 days.Privileges for one year

La Biblioteca wishes to thank you for your generous support and purchase of membership. If you are not able to purchase a library membership during our drive, any membership category can be bought at our service counter in the lending library during normal library hours.

Bronze extra: Cost $160 pesos

Check out 6 books for 15 days. Privileges for one year.


Foreign level: Cost $220 pesos

Check out 4 books at a time for one month. Privileges for one year. peoples living in surrounding cities as Comonfort, Celaya, Guanajuato, Queretaro.


Now that I have decided on my membership category, what documents do I need to get a membership?

For residents:

A photocopy of proof of address, FM documents or bills (electricity or telephone) in your name

For visitors:

Can get one of the above memberships plus deposit of $100 pesos and Two (2) copies of your passport or drivers license with photo. The deposit is returned upon your departure. (To receive your deposit please bring in your deposit receipt and ensure your account is in good standing with all borrowed books returned.)

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