We hope that you will join us on any given Sunday for San Miguel de Allende’s most popular tourist attraction, the weekly House & Garden Tour sponsored by the Biblioteca Pública.

The tours were started approximately 58 years ago by local foreign residents in order to provide visitors with the chance to see “behind the hidden walls” of San Miguel. The House & Garden Tour shows different homes every Sunday (with the exception of those which fall on a holiday).

Tickets cost  20USD or $300 pesos in advanced, $300 pesos at the door on Sunday. Cash only, no credit cards or Traveler’s checks are accepted. Please join us! Proceeds benefit the Biblioteca Pública and its educational programs for children.

Come to the Biblioteca Pública for buy tickets in advanced . Tickets can be purchased in advance at our Ticket Centro located just inside the Biblioteca’s.

The local weekly newspaper, Atención, gives descriptions of the properties to be shown every Friday as well as alerting visitors if a holiday is upcoming. Our website will also post descriptions of the homes shown that week or advise if a holiday, festival or fiesta prevents a tour. All the tours are conducted via local buses so normally very little walking is required, although we would like to advise visitors with walking problems to ask at the cashier’s desk on any given Sunday how much walking will be required.

On your Sunday visit you may see anything from a Colonial mansion to a tiny adobe house, a splendid new home or an artist’s domain.

Special groups or specific information can be obtained by contacting La Biblioteca at Magdalena Hernández, director of House and Garden Tour, houseandgardentour2015@gmail.com  or calling cel phone 1520293.

Please note: There are rare times when homes that are featured on the Biblioteca website and in the Atencion newspaper are not available for viewing. These last minute changes are beyond the control of the Biblioteca and we appreciate and thank you for your understanding when these situations occur.


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