The Biblioteca needs your continuing support to ensure that its education, scholarship program and book collection survive and continue to expand to serve the needs of all members in the community. These programs are a vital part of the vision and commitment of the library to San Miguel and especially Mexican Students. They help secure the future of the library and its role in serving a bi-cultural audience with access to educational and cultural resources. Your donations to these programs will help us to successfully meet our mandate for the future generations and provide a better quality of life for all participants.

La Biblioteca Donor Choice allows you to designate your donation to a specific program. We have carefully studied and accessed the areas within the library that would benefit the most from your generous gift of money.The 3 programs are Scholarships, Education Programs and Library Books. Please choose the program that appeals the most to you.

Library Book Choice

Books are the heart and soul of libraries and this true for La Biblioteca de San Miguel. Hundreds of San Miguel students use the books in the library so we need to provide them with necessary tools to expose them to new ideas and the world. Collections in both English and Spanish must be renewed.

Please click the Donate button to designate your donation for buying Library Books

Scholarship Choice

Since the 1960´s the Biblioteca has provided poor students in San Miguel and its´ rural communities with scholarships. These scholarships allow students to complete middle school, high school and university. We presently have 237 scholarships students and many more are still waiting.

Please click the Donate donate button to designate your donation for Scholarships.

Education Program Choice

The Biblioteca sponsors 64 hours of free classes per week for the youth of San Miguel. These classes in computer, reading, English, theatre, science, painting and crafts provide young people with new educational tools and experiences. Many classes are taught by volunteers.

Please click the Donate button to designate your donation for the Bibliotoeca Educational Programs.



Biblioteca Choice

There are times when donors prefer to let the library decide where to best use their generous donations. The funds you provide will be used wisely within the library and applied to where they are needed most.

Please click the Donate button to designate your donation choice for La Biblioteca

La Biblioteca appreciates your donation and the money will be used wisely for program you designate.

US Tax Receipts – to obtain a US tax receipt for your donation mail or bring US cash or check payable to “Funds for the Biblioteca Publica, Inc.” to La Biblioteca de San Miguel Insurgentes No.25, Centro, San Miguel de Allende. You can also make your donation on line by clicking the Donate Now button and use your credit card or Paypal account to donate and receive a US tax receipt.

Canadian Tax receipts – Canadian donors can obtain a tax receipt from our partner Amistad Canada. To donate by credit card, click on Be sure to choose ‘LA BIBLIOTECA Canadian Education Project’ on the ‘Fund/Designation’ drop-down menu.  You can donate by cheque either by dropping one off at La Biblioteca Reception or by going to the donation-page on for the mailing-address and a printable donation form. Please write ‘Biblioteca Education Project’ on your cheque.

Mexican Tax Receipts – to obtain a Mexican tax receipt for your donation mail or bring cash or check payable to “Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” Adress  Insurgentes No. 25, Centro, San Miguel de Allende. Donations cannot be made on the internet for Mexican tax receipts.

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