The Biblioteca Pública of San Miguel de Allende A.C.

To the votes to be held on Friday March 03rd., 2017 from 11:00am to 2:00pm
in the courtyard of the same.
Insurgentes No. 25 Zona Centro
Mr. Ali Zerriffi – Vice President
Mr. Enrique Carrillo – Treasurer
Mr. Gregory Diamant – 1st. Member at Large
Mrs. Rhonda Lerner – 2nd. Member at Large

Haciendas Tour of February 2017!

Another Interesting Tour of Haciendas, coming soon!
Otro Interesante Tour de Haciendas, próximamente!

Session 5: Hearing Loss: New Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Medical Lecture Series
Session 5: Hearing Loss: New Advances in Hearing Aid Technology
By Dr. Angel González, MD
Thu., Mar. 9, 4pm – 5:30pm
Sala Quetzal
100 pesos
Hearing Loss: New Advances in Hearing Aid Technology.

Did you know that 20% of the population of Guanajuato (35,000 people) suffer from hearing loss? Approximately one-third of persons over 65 years are affected by disabling hearing loss.

Hearing loss is third leading global disability.

On Thursday, March 9th; Dr. Angel González, MD will present a lecture on Hearing Loss: New Advances in Hearing Aid Technology.  In the one hour lecture, Dr. González will explain the different types & causes of hearing loss as well as some of the new developments in hearing loss treatment. A 30 minute question and answer period will follow the talk.

We ask those interested to RSVP beforehand. Please email or call Mx. Cell: 415-108-0810 or Vonage 971-327-7187 to notify us of your participation. Cost of the session is $100 pesos.

The Medical Lecture Series is presented by Peace of Mind in San Miguel and H+ Hospital San Miguel. Every second Thursday of the month, local board certified doctors will offer key information on how to treat & prevent chronic illness, accidents, & common ailments.


Cantina Tour

La Biblioteca presents on February 24,


Cantina Tour

- El Cu-cu
- El Tenampa
- El Gato Negro
- El Manantial



Includes one drink in each cantina (Tequila, mezcal or beer)


Open San Antonio studios

February 25

Join us for a fun-filled day visiting the San Antonio Open Studios on Saturday, February 25th from noon-4pm.

The San Antonio Open Studios feature 67 artists in 42 studios with a variety of art, including: Painting, pottery, sculpture, mixed nedia, calligraphy, masks, wood carving, hand made books, fashion design, and more.

Discover new artists and possibly that special piece of art.