The Board of Directors of the Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende

Informs that its next meeting will be on January 26, at 11am in Sala Quetzal.


All are welcome.



Bronze 120 pesos Check out 4 books for 15 days

Bronze extra  160 pesos Check out 6 books for 15 days

Silver  220 pesos Check out 4 books for 15 days.

Gold  500 pesos Check out 6 books for 15 days,  and 1 House and Garden Tour ticket

Foreign 220 pesos Check out 4 Books for a month Peoples living in surrounding cities as  Comonfort, Celaya, Guanajuato, Queretaro.


 Bring photocopy of Proof of residency(Examples  Water, Electric or telephone bill)

Bring 2Photocopy of passport or driver`s License and Photograph



Bronze 170 pesos PLUS $100 pesos of Deposit  Check out 4 books for 15 days

Silver  220 pesos PLUS $100  of Deposit Check out 8 books for 15 days.

Gold  500 pesos PLUS $100 of Deposit Check out 6 books for 15 days, and 1 House and Garden Tour ticket


Bring 2 Photocopy  of passport or driver`s licens

(deposit $100 pesos returned upon your departure your library account is clear and present your receipt.)


To renew Library card

Bring your old card , one Photo

and pay


Library membership

The best way to support the Library  is purchased membership directly at the reception desk. The Library is a civil association created in 1954, and since then supports education and culture in the community. With the acquisition of your membership you bring a grain of sand in order to continue with the educational programs offered free of charge to children.

Library has different types of memberships : Bronze, Extra bronze, silver and gold, each with special benefits.





















































Biblioteca Donor Choice Programs

Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende, Asociación Civil. Since 1954

The Biblioteca needs your continuing support to ensure that its education, scholarship program and book collection survive and continue to expand to serve the needs of all members in the community. These programs are a vital part of the vision and commitment of the library to San Miguel and especially Mexican Students. They help secure the future of the library and its role in serving a bi-cultural audience with access to educational and cultural resources. Your donations to these programs will help us to successfully meet our mandate for the future generations and provide a better quality of life for all participants.

La Biblioteca Donor Choice allows you to designate your donation to a specific program. We have carefully studied and accessed the areas within the library that would benefit the most from your generous gift of money.The 3 programs are Scholarships, Education Programs and Library Books. Please choose the program that appeals the most to you.

The library has tax deductible receipts : USA, Canada and Mexico

Please click here for more information on the Donor Choice Program.

The income obtained from activities of the library as House and Garden Tour, The Shop, Cafe and Theatre Santa Ana, are designated to support educational programs that the library offers.









Art classes

Art classes



















































Creative writing workshop

Creative writing workshop: for youth 14 to 20 years.

every Monday. 5:30pm. Free. In Spanish. Gloria Grant room