Graffiti workshop

Graffiti workshop for teens.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, 5pm-6pm.

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Workshop Mapuche Loom

Mapuche Loom
Every Monday from 10-12 noon
Biblioteca’s main Patio
Teacher Veronica Genta

The loom, since ancient times, has been a fusion between art and craft.
The art of weaving allows a creative space, a healthy activity that releases, abstracts, and distends, facilitating the
connection with our internal fibers and our ancestral memory. In turn, it binds us to our social fabric, with the net
that is holding and knotted ties that transcend the material.
“Ties that weave” establish a common history where the culture, gender issues, crafts, research and assessment
work contribute to individual and group identity. The weavers understand the fabric and cultural identity as a text
of our own history, as tangible assets.
Veronica Genta has developed an extensive relationship with the people of the Mapuche culture in Chile, who have
allowed access to the knowledge of their worldview through the study of the textile art, the practice and use of
medicinal plants, and traditional dances.
From this knowledge, Genta has been dedicated to the investigation of various art techniques in textiles and has
served as a teacher of adults and children.
She currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and is a regular attendant to the master artisan Patricia Robles
in textile art workshops at School of Bellas Artes.