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Great Chrsitmas Sale

Next Dec 16th, 2017. Don’t miss it 10am – 1:30pm The funds obtained from the sale are for Scholarships and Educational Pograms for young people from San Miguel de Allende.


The Board of Directors of the Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende

Informs that its next meeting will be on December 21, at 11am in Sala Quetzal.   All are welcome.

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Residents Bronze 120 pesos Check out 4 books for 15 days Bronze extra  160 pesos Check out 6 books for 15 days Silver  220 pesos Check out 4 books for 15 days. Gold  500 pesos Check out 6 books for 15 days,  and 1 House and Garden Tour ticket Foreign 220 pesos Check out... Read More

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Library membership

The best way to support the Library  is purchased membership directly at the reception desk. The Library is a civil association created in 1954, and since then supports education and culture in the community. With the acquisition of your membership you bring a grain of sand... Read More


Biblioteca Donor Choice Programs

Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende, Asociación Civil. Since 1954 The Biblioteca needs your continuing support to ensure that its education, scholarship program and book collection survive and continue to expand to serve the needs of all members in the community. These... Read More


Art classes

Art classes                                                                                                        

Creative writing workshop

Creative writing workshop: for youth 14 to 20 years. every Monday. 5:30pm. Free. In Spanish. Gloria Grant room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Your generous donations enable La Biblioteca to continue to work towards our mission of supporting Mexican youth and remaining the culture heart of San Miguel de Allende. Your donations will support La Biblioteca programs and you will receive a Canadian, US or Mexican tax receipt.

Comming events at Teatro Santa Ana